SELIBA was created 10 years ago as a result of the increasing demand for Technology Services in the industrial paint application sector in Spain. The introduction of the latest generation of Edrizzi filter systems and the creation of booths/ ovens which integrate these novel systems make Seliba a leading point of reference in the field of industrial paint application equipment.


Our booths are designed and built to maximize the advantages of Edrizzi: the most advanced patented dry filtering system on the market. This system means we can guarantee:

  • Constant air flow/ speed
  • Better paint to part transfer rate.
  • Up to 60 kgs. of paint absorption per m2.
  • Improved overspray absorption.
  • Optimal working environment in booth interior.
  • Absorption of up to 98% of paint particles.
  • Modular system which simplifies changeover and only the saturated filter is changed.


The concept which is most in DEMAND in the CURRENT MARKET
We design our modular booths by using “Lean Manufacturing”. This concept allows us to design booths which can grow in accordance with the client´s future requirements.


Our clients decide to invest in our technology because they value the numerous advantages which Seliba designs offer:

  • Edrizzi filter system comes standard.
  • Double ventilation. Half pressure centrifugal action.
  • Turbines with backward facing blades and self-cleaning action.
  • LED illumination.
  • Soundproofed coating zone.
  • Increased height in the coating zone.
  • More spacious coating zone with extraction flooring.
  • High density, free standing Sandwich Panel.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Respects the environment.


· Industry · Automobile
· Aeronautics · Wood
We design, plan and manufacture our booths to the highest standards of each sector. In sectors such as the automobile industry, industry, aeronautics and wood, Seliba is seen as a safe, high quality partner.

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