Spraybox Paint Booths

SprayBox pressurized paint booths

  • Sandwich wall panels with variable thickness depending on height.
  • Booths have at least one sliding door and an anti-panic pedestrian door.
  • Edrizzi particle filtration system (see description of this system) either vertical, on a single front panel or combined horizontally in a pit.
  • Paint-stop re-filters depending on filtering requirements and demand
  • Pressure blowers
  • Ceiling filter vertical plenum or horizontal plenum through filters on the back of the booth, or a combination of both.
  • All booths have a variable frequency drive to adjust air input by extraction.
  • Depending on the type of industry, booths are adapted to suit the client’s requirements.

SprayBox suction panels

  • Suction panels with projecting sides or simply with Edrizzi front.
  • Vertical Edrizzi system particle filtration depending on filtering requirements and demand with paint-stop re-filters.
  • Pressure blowers

Portable SprayBox suction panels

  • Portable suction panel with 3 filtration stages plus one optional stage, Edrizzi system, one paint-stop stage and another pre-filter stage. Optional: activated carbon cartridges to eliminate gases and odours.
  • The panels have wheels, so can be moved anywhere and if the premises has enough height, activated carbon cartridges may be inserted to remove gases and odours, eliminating the need to extract air to the exterior.
  • Required power supply: 220V
  • Very useful for touching up parts, tests and small workshops.